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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first attempt at blogging and chose this because I have a son who is a police officer and have found there are support groups for spouses and children, as should be but have found nothing for parents. With that in mind I wanted to see if there were others like me who would like to share their concerns and say how proud we are of what our sons and daughters have achieved in life. In the next few minutes I will try to give you a little insite to how this became. At about 6 my son said he was going to be a hhermit and live in the bush with his dog, then by 8 he thought he would like to be a game warden, then by 10 he had decided to become a policeman and that never changed. When he made the force as parents our hearts were filled with pride and since the loss of his father, my concerns have grown. My biggest prayer is that he return home safely to his beautiful wife at the end of each shift. Each time you hear a sien or listen to news about an officer being hurt or killed in the line of duty your heart bleeds for family and friends of that officer, but we can’t keep dwelling on the what if’s as I call them as you don’t want to add to the burden of the self preservation concerns that they must have each time they go on patrol. I am sure I’m not alone in these matters and would love to have you share your stories on this unselfish career that our children have chosen. It is not a JOB but a DEDICATED CONCERN FOR THE WELL BEING OF OTHERS. To me this is their driving force. What do you say?

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